More Than Just “The Blues” – Tweens and Depression

The tween years are hard, there’s no doubt about it. Between changes in their bodies, peer pressure, and higher expectations, children in the upper elementary and junior high years are going through a lot. When you factor in the onslaught of hormones, things get even more complicated! All parents of […]

Behind Closed Doors: Spotting the Signs of a Pre-Teen Eating Disorder

According to research compiled by the National Eating Disorder Association, 40 to 60 percent of elementary school girls are concerned about their weight. By age 10, 81 percent are afraid of being fat. And by adolescence, 32 to 57 percent of girls will have engaged in “crash dieting, fasting, self-induced […]

Mistakes Parents of Tweens Make

Every stage of parenting comes with challenges. There is no reasoning with your child during the baby phase. They need what they need; they want what they want. You are there to satisfy those needs and wants. The teenage phase represents that final stage before adulthood. Teenagers are so close […]

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Learning to Step Back

While making dinner one night, my 12-year-old daughter Bella came into the kitchen and informed me she had the sniffles and was sneezing. I did a quick inventory to make sure it was nothing serious. Cheeks a nice shade of rosy red- not flushed or pale; hand to forehead- no […]

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